RSD Drops 2021We know loads of our great customers like YOU are pretty hyped about getting your hands on some of these exclusive releases only available from indie record shops like Backbeat!

Please take the time to read through this if you are on the hunt for RSD Drops titles from Backbeat.
It's a bit of a read but we will have a summary at the end of the post to hopefully make things clear.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to help!

When the Ontario government released their phased reopening plan the target date was for the week of June 14th. We've planned and organized based on that date so any RSD Drops releases that we receive will only be available on our eShop starting at 1pm on Saturday June 12, 2021. Why 1pm? Well, that's what the folks who run Record Store Day Canada have made as the rule so we need to stick to it.

We will be at the store to fill your orders and for you to come pick them up until 5pm on Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13 from 11am-4pm. If you'd like to pick up your order when we are back open as “normal” then just place your order and we'll have it safe aside for you until you can make it in to pick it up.

Because we truly appreciate all our great customers who have frequented our store over the years and who have lined up and packed our store during previous Record Store Days we want to be able to make sure you get first crack at the limited releases being offered for the June RSD Drops. Any order placed on the eShop Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13 will only be able to have the option to be picked up at our physical store location in Perth. We will NOT ship any RSD Drops orders. Shipping options will be disabled: if you place an order for pickup and you then request shipping your order will be cancelled. You must be able to pick up your RSD Drops order at our store.
On Monday June 14 at 10am(ish) shipping options on the eShop will be back and any RSD Drops releases that are in stock will be available for shipping.

What if the government decides to reopen early? We can't plan based on a possibility so even if Ontario changes course and starts Phase 1 of its reopening plan Backbeat will NOT be open until the week of the 14th. We will of course keep you posted when our doors will be back open once we know for sure. We are looking forward to welcoming you back!

  • RSD Drops releases will only be available through our eShop starting Saturday June 12 at 1pm.
  • Our store will not be open for browsing. You will not be able to just swing by and purchase product, you must use the eShop to order.
  • RSD Drops releases ordered through the eShop on Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13 will only be available for pickup at our store.
  • 1 copy of any release per customer. We will adjust orders that have more than 1 copy ordered.
  • Please do not order if you cannot pick up at our store. If you place an order and then ask for us to ship it your order will be cancelled. Please read the next note about shipping.
  • Remaining RSD Drops releases will be available for shipping through our eShop starting Monday June 14 at 10am(ish).
Thanks for reading, for your understanding and your patience!

We highly suggest making an account on our eShop before June 12th so you can check out more quickly as inventory is always VERY limited for RSD releases.

We will post on Facebook and our website Friday June 11th which RSD Drop releases will be in stock starting Saturday June 12 at 1PM on our eShop.

This particular RSD Drop has been the most challenging for us because of the retail lockdown and the uncertainty of when we are able to be back open.

Thank you so much for your support!