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RJD2 - Visions Out Of Limelight
Suicideboys - New World Depression (Indie Exclusive)
E Works Eels - EELS TIME!
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Charli XCX - Brat (Indie Exclusive)
Twenty One Pilots - Clancy (Indie Exclusive)
Cage The Elephant - Neon Pill (Indie Exclusive)
Avett Brothers, The - The Avett Brothers
Beaches, The - Blame My Ex (Indie Exclusive)
St. Vincent - All Born Screaming (Indie Exclusive)
Kahan, Noah - Cape Elizabeth EP
Corea, Chick & Bela Fleck - Remembrance
Moctar, Mdou - Funeral For Justice (Indie Exclusive)
Lipa, Dua - Radical Optimism (Indie Exclusive)
SIA - Reasonable Woman (Indie Exclusive)
Young, Neil & Crazy Horse - Fuckin' Up
Pet Shop Boys - Nonetheless (Indie Exclusive)
Crockett, Charley - $10 Cowboy (Indie Exclusive)
Laufey - Bewitched: The Goddess Edition
Darkthrone - It Beckons Us All

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