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Yes, we've got books! Sorry, you won't find them here.

Backbeat stocks thousands of used books and as much as we'd love to get them all on our eShop, it's just not feasible right now. When things shut down in March we did a BIG "book browse" video of our entire (well almost entire) used inventory. You won't be able to just click and buy, so hit us up with an email if you see something you like. We'll pass along pricing and can ship to you or have it ready for in-store pickup. (To give you an idea, all of our used adult books are just $6.95 at the very most – the only exceptions being rare classics or signed copies.)

Thanks to all of our great customers for your support!

Want to jump to a certain section? Here are the time stamps for you:
Fiction A - Dr: 0:04
Fiction Dr - Ho: 02:04
Fiction Ho - Mc: 03:55
Fiction Mc - Ro: 05:50
Fiction Ro - Z: 07:35
Mysteries / Thrillers: 09:39
Auto / Biographies: 11:27
Non-Fiction: 13:28
Humor: 15:14
Young Adult: 16:18
Music: 16:52

See something you're interested in? Get in touch and we can help you out.