GrooveWasher SC1 Stylus Cleaning Kit

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Even if you clean your records with the GrooveWasher Walnut Record Cleaning kit, room dust, lint and cat hair can accumulate on your stylus. Your stylus will "plow" out any debris that isn't removed from a record cleaning. And the debris will stick to your record needle.

We sourced and tested dozens of brush styles, handle types and bristles. Straight "pencil" brushes. Artist camel hair brushes. Toothbrush styles. Mascara brushes.

We prefer a 90 degree angle. Long bristles so the brush can clean the underside of the cartridge as well as the stylus. Dense bristles to pull off gunky coatings but soft to avoid damage to the stylus or cantilever. These are the features and benefits of the SC1 Stylus Cleaning Kit.

This kit includes our SC1 Stylus Cleaning Fluid. It's a cousin of our G2 Fluid with no isopropyl alcohol. The stylus can become clogged with oily pressing release compound from new records. Or residue from other record cleaning fluids and preservative coatings. SC1 Stylus Cleaning Fluid dissolves these contaminants and the SC1 Brush removes them.

The GrooveWasher SC1 Stylus Cleaning Kit includes:

SC1 Stylus Brush. 4.6" handle curved to fit your hand. Soft, dense fine nylon bristles with an angled cut top.
SC1 Stylus Fluid in a 15 ml dropper bottle.
Stylus cleaning instructions.

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