Felt - Felt 4 U (Colour Vinyl)

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UPC: 826257031112
Colour Vinyl: Pink and Teal

After an 11-year hiatus, Murs and Slug are back with their fourth Felt album, "Felt 4 U". While their personal relationship is fundamental to Felt's legacy, with their comradery establishing itself as a driving force for their creativity, the production on Felt albums has also been a major part of their success. With notable changes in the sonic backdrops for each album, the MC's were allowed to share a unique side of themselves each release, while fine-tuning their styles and showcasing their own growth. A lot has changed since their last release in 2009, including for Murs and Slug themselves in both their personal and professional lives. Their careers have continued to elevate and their families have continued to grow, and this fourth album is something of a reflection of those changes, starting with the title of the project itself. Even amidst the changes we still find familiarities, like Ant making a return to handle full production on "Felt 4 U". Sonically, the album is overflowing with the influences of funk, soul, blues and even country flavors. This is a distinctly summery album, with the richness of Ant's production creating an overall warmth that envelops the whole project.

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