Drive-By Truckers - The Unraveling

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Colour Vinyl: "Marble Sky"

“1st Century USA, tanks rolling through the streets of Washington DC as our utopian dreams give way to a dystopian now. Nearly a generation since the towers fell and the shit came down. William Gibson’s dark visions have come to pass, everyone is connected and more disconnected than ever. Our children have lock-down drills.

Welcome to the new normal. We put babies in cages now. Shit’s fucked up. Grievance merchants, running down innocents on a narrow street in a beautiful college town. The gold plated toilet tweeting out lie after lie. Emboldened and supported by the Faux News Fascists and their “MAGA” chanting lemmings. No wonder people are OD-ing in record numbers. Who wouldn’t want to tune out during
the deluge. It’s going to take more than thoughts and prayers to solve this shit.”

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