Bowie, David - Divine Symmetry (Alternative Journey Hunky Dory)

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Approximate Release Date: 2023/02/24

A Divine Symmetry (An alternative journey through Hunky Dory), will be released as a single LP on 10th February, 2023.

1. Changes (2021 Alternative Mix)
2. Oh! You Pretty Things (Bowpromo Mix) [2022 Remaster]
3. Eight Line Poem (Bowpromo Mix) [2022 Remaster]
4. Life on Mars? (Original Ending Version)
5. Kooks (Bowpromo Mix) [2022 Remaster]
6. Quicksand (2021 Mix - Early Version)
7. Fill Your Heart (2021 Alternative Mix)
8. Bombers (2021 Alternative Mix)
9. Andy Warhol (Original Mix - Alternative Intro)
10. Song for Bob Dylan (2021 Alternative Mix)
11. Queen Bitch (Bowpromo Mix) [2022 Remaster]
12. The Bewlay Brothers (2021 Alternative Mix)

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