black midi - Hellfire (Indie Exclusive)

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UPC: 191402032109
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London three piece black midi present their third album, "Hellfire". Written in isolation in 2021 almost immediately after its predecessor, black midi pick up right where they left off. Building on the melodic and harmonic elements of "Cavalcade", and expanding on the brutality and intensity of their debut ("Schlagenheim"), "Hellfire" is their most thematically cohesive and intentional album yet. As lead-singer Geordie describes it: "if "Cavalcade" was a drama, "Hellfire" is like an epic action film" that delves into overlapping themes of pain, loss and anguish. But as always, the type of music black midi play isn't as important as its quality, and whatever you think about their music isn't as important as how you feel about it.

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